Duality by Syncly.it


Download our free to use (freemium) extension for firefox and Chrome. Effortlessly comment to any LinkedIn post as your company. Increase your brand awareness and presence with this simple tool. Free forever with optional paid features.

Duality by Syncly.it


Add to your WooCommerce-powered shop our free to use (freemium) plug-in. Instantly improve ROI and sales of your shop, with our proven pattern, for free. Optional paid features, allow you to further improve the shopping experience and the QoL.

Building software tools and solutions, to help you improve your production flow and to better communicate.

Syncly vision about information technology, and software production is to help businesses and professionals, implementing a sharp and simple approach, while providing a reliable and affordable solution. Syncly offering may take the shape of a browser extension, a WordPress plug-in or a pure SaaS. the point is to deliver the solution in the best possible shape. Syncly can craft fully customized solutions, bespoke software that solve a specific problem. Drop a line about your specific needs, you will receive a quote in a few days.

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Helping you reach your audience and customers

Aside from bespoke solutions provided individually to our customers, Syncly offering currently provides two strategic, tools with a well-defined niche and use cases. Duality is a simple yet powerful browser extension, that allow you to make the most of a not so well know LinkedIn feature. With Duality, you will be able to comment on any post as your company. This simple action will help your brand awareness and lead traffic to your company page. Constellation, is a WordPress plug-in, that works in tandem with WooCommerce. With Constellation, you will be able to improve your shop performance, in terms of sales. You will also improve the user experience, improve the quality of life, and help you be compliant to specific laws.