Improve your shop sales

Constellation is a a set of correlated tools for any WooCommerce-powered shop. It comes as a result of years of experience in building successful online shop. As to make a constellation you need to ideally connect isolated stars, so to build a really successful online shop, you will need to implement a pattern of actions.

Where Design Meets Development

Is my WooCommerce shop compatible?

Any WooCommerce shops is compatible with Constellation. Please refer to the plug-in page for the minimum WooCommerce version, required to run the plug-in

Does Constellation have hardware requirements?

No, as long as you can run a WooCommerce shop, you will be fine to install and use Constellation. There is no particular load on hardware resources, while using Constellation.

What are the features of Constellation?

Constellation comprehend features aimed at improving your shop sales, implement a subscription service, be compliant with local laws, including GDPR, and much more.

Constellation Features

Save Money

No need to pay for an overly complex solution, that deliver features you will never use. Check if our free version is already enough for you, and use it already.

No Coding

You can install and use Constellation to your shop without having to write a single line of code. Constellation features handy switches to be turned on and off.

Better Rating

Remove the frustration on your customers, and attract more sales, by providing relevant information, where they need. A happy customer will return sooner.


Law Compliance

Constellation allows you to collect custom data, such as VAT ID. It will also turn your checkout form GDPR-compliant, with a mandatory privacy checkbox.

Improve Sales

Constellation set of tools, will allow you to fine-tune your shop settings and features, with the precise goal of improving the sales. Try it for free!

Quality of Life

Help your store managers by providing quick to access information in your backend. Lookup available variations, and conveniently display them in the overview.