Duality for LinkedIn

Comment as company.

The Duality for LinkedIn plugin is a great way to get your company page noticed. Commenting on LinkedIn posts as your company page can help you build your brand’s reputation and get more people interested in it. You will get page leads from thoughtful contributions to the post discussion.

When you comment on a LinkedIn post as your company page, you have the opportunity to reach numerous LinkedIn users. By participating in the conversation and adding your brand’s voice to the discussion, you can improve awareness of your company and receive more leads.

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Is my system compatible with Duality?

Duality is a browser extension, and it is available for both Firefox and Chrome (soon!). As long as your system can run Firefox or Chrome-based browser, you should be fine.

Does Duality have hardware requirements?

There are no specific hardware requirements for using Duality. The extension is not resource intensive, any average workstation should have no issue using it.

I live in the EU: is Duality GDPR-compliant?

Duality is GDPR-compliant, as it is not storing sensitive data, such as text of your comments. Duality is not recording user activity. Your account data is kept confidential at all times.