Duality for LinkedIn

Duality allows you to comment on any LinkedIn post, as your company page. This documentation will guide you thought all the Duality features, from installation to customization. While the procedure and functions are the same on both browsers, overall look & feel may be slightly different.

Getting Started

The very first step is to actually get the extension for your browser, and a license to use the software.

Add the license to your extension

Both free and paid licenses are immediately delivered via email. You can install the extension and the license on as many devices as you want. You will need to bind the device using the same email used to redeem or buy the license. Once the extension is installed and activated in your browser, perform the following steps:

  • Open LinkedIn in your browser. Extension interface is only visible while you are on LinkedIn.
  • On the left side of the screen, you should see the Duality icon in a floating overlay. Click on it to open the settings page. It will prompt you to get a free license or redeem a license that you already have.
  • Enter your email address and the license, then click validate button. Installation is complete.

Tip: Duality automatically sync its data, this mean that when you bind a new workstation to your license, it will make all your company pages available. There is no need to enable browser sync feature. Personal preferences are instead saved locally. Checkout the settings tab to customize your workstation.

Add your first company page

To be able to comment to LinkedIn posts as your company page, you will need to first actually add your company page, as possible commenting option. This operation is required only once for each company. If you install the same license on another device, you will find all your company pages bound already. To add a company page, do the following steps:

  • Open your LinkedIn profile, and navigate to the company page that you will add as a comment option. Please note: You will need to be the owner, or have privileges to comment as this company.
  • On the left, Duality floating interface should now show a + sign, click on it to add the company as a comment option. That’s all! You are ready to comment as this company.
  • Repeat the above steps for all your companies.

Tip: Free users will be able to bind only one company, Pro users up to 5 companies. However, you can always open the settings page and delete any of your bound company, and bind a new one, any time.

Comment a post as company

It is time to post your first memorable comment, as your company page. Your license has no limitation on how many posts you can comment on, and both the post and the comment text are never read by the extension. Here is how to comment any post on LinkedIn using your company name:

  • Open LinkedIn in your browser. You can comment posts in the feed section or posts under “recent activity” on a specific user.
  • On the LinkedIn post interface, locate the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Click the three dots, and select “Copy link to post” option. It should be the second in the list.
  • On the left, Duality overlay will change and list all your companies. Click on a company logo or name to open a new tab and comment as such company.

Tip: At the time of writing, Duality is working on a new feature (Pro plan only) that allow you to keep a record of the last 100 post that you have commented to as a company. This list is kept locally, no actual post or comment data is sent to the cloud. Recent activity is per-workstation and not synced.