Smart Tools for WooCommerce

Discover our complementary plug-in that adds simple, but effective functionalities to your WooCommerce shop. Our tools will help you increase sales, converting more visitors and make your checkout page GDPR-compliant.

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Free Features

Combining the free features alone, you can boost your WooCommerce shop sale and visitors conversion rates. All the features are a result of years of e-commerce experience, and guaranteed to improve your online shop. Try them yourself.


OOS Notice

Conveniently display whether a product i Out of Stocks, in the shop page. This will help the users that can browse your shop faster, see more products and ultimately buy more. Learn More.

Show Discount %

Display the percentage of discount of an item. Your customers will have a clearer idea of the saving from the shop page. You can then style this badge, to match your website look. Learn More.

Hide 'On Sale'

Hide the generic and cheap ‘On sale’ badge, from your products. Covering the item photo with a badge result in a bad user experience. Hide it and instead display the actual % of discount. Learn More.

Price Shortcode

Use the item ID instead of the SKU code, to display its price. WooCommerce natively use shortcode that will accept the item SKU as parameter. This feature was requested by few customers. Learn More.

Paid Features

For WooCommerce shops that seeks to further improve sales performance and quality of life. Pro tools allow you to achieve GDPR-compliance and collect fiscal details. Auto Roles, will allow you to quickly implement a membership website.


Custom Column

This is one of the most requested, quality of life features on new shops. A very popular field can be the size variation. This would allow you to instantly see on your backend, what sizes are left for a specific item, without opening the details. You can use any attribute. Learn More.


GDPR Checkbox

The WooCommerce displayed privacy notice is actually non-GDPR compliant. For this reason, we need to display a full-featured checkbox with a link to privacy terms during the checkout page. To not be redundant, we show it only on the payment page. Learn More.

Skip Cart → Buy Now

A must-have for luxury shops, and shops where customers buy a single item for every order. Reduces the purchase friction by skipping the cart page entirely. Your customer can still add more items to their order if the wants to. Can’t recommend this feature more. Learn More.

Sell Membership

A quick and cost-efficient way to turn your website into a membership. This feature will allow you to auto-assign user role upon the purchase of a specific item. Visit the roadmap section on Discord to learn more, about how we plan to extend this incredible functionality. Learn More.

Email on Cancelled

Automagically email your customers whenever an order is being cancelled or failed. This will save you from doing this manually, and prevents all the customers support requests about these cases. This one is another staple feature, that we implement in all our shops. Learn More.

Billing Custom Field

In some countries (Hello, Italy!) you are required to collect tax ID, also when you sell products to private customers. This feature will allow you to accomplish fiscal requirements, collecting for example the tax ID of your customers. Be them private or other businesses. Learn More.

Smart Tools for WooCommerce - Syncly

Download our plug-in that adds simple, but effective functionalities to your WooCommerce shop. Increase sales, shopping experience and...

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