Free Out of Stock Notice for WooCommerce

Improve the shopping experience by showing an out-of-stock notice in the shop page of your website. Style it like you please, thanks to the class hook. You can also be creative and use this feature to build up the hype and create pre-sale products.

The out of stock notice feature for WooCommerce is included in our free plug-in, and you can use it to improve the quality of life of your customers. By displaying an out-of-stock notice on your shop page, you prevent the customer from opening a product page and find out that it is out-of-stock, this will save your customer the frustration of going back, and reduces the friction before your customer find a product of interest.

However, with the out of stock notice for WooCommerce, you can also be creative, and use it to launch your new products before making them available. I have used this simple feature to build up the hype, for a fashion shop. A simple and trivial lead magnet to populate your newsletter list quickly and with quality subscribers, that you know are interested in a specific product line.

free out of stock notice for woocommerce