Free Product Price Shortcode for WooCommerce

Simply add a product price shortcode by product ID feature on your WooCommerce backend. This will allow you to lookup a product price by ID rather than SKU. Convenient to use if on blog posts and pages, since ID are usually more simple to type and remember.

While building your blog posts or pages, you may want a quick way to lookup a product price. You can do this conveniently with our free product price shortcode for WooCommerce. Open the shortcode block in your WordPress page or post and enter the product ID rather than the product SKU.

This feature was made upon specific request by a customer. It was extensively used in blog posts, when promoting outfits, product price by shortcode allowed our customer to quickly lookup the price of a product using its ID, speeding up and simplifying the page and post creation.

free product price shortcode by id for woocommerce