Free Show Discount for WooCommerce

Improve your shop sales of discounted items. Show discount percentage directly on the store page of WooCommerce, and lead people to your product page. This feature has been proven to increase sales. Use it together with Remove Sale Badge for best results.

Show discount percentage feature for WooCommerce is included in our free plug-in, and you can use it to significantly improve the sale rate of your promoted items. By showing the discount percentage directly on the store page, you allow your customer to be informed about the saving, buying said product. We have used this feture on the stores of our customers, and it effectively improved the sale rate of discounted items.

Our advice is to use this together with our Free Remove Sale Badge feature (also free!) to increase the effect. Why is it working? Imagine promoting an item by just saying: “this item is discounted” then try promoting it (also on ads) with “buy this item and save 20%” what version do you think it would work the best? Don’t take our word for it, try creating an A/B test campaign. However, since this feature is free, download our plug-in from WordPress and show the discount percentage, to see how it works.

free show discount for woocommerce