Improved Sales with BuyNow Button for WooCommerce

Improve your sales with our BuyNow button for WooCommerce, that allow your customers to skip the cart page. One of the best ways to improve sales, is by reducing the friction, and therefore the gap between the buy intent and the actual purchase.

You, better than anyone, know how important it is to reduce friction, and make the purchase experience as quick as possible. One of the best ways is to allow your customers to skip the cart page entirely. Our BuyNow Button for WooCommerce does just this. Just activate the plug-in and switch it off — done. All you have to do, is to style your button as you normally would.

If your shop or your customer’s shop is about medium to high-end products, chances are that most of your orders will contain only one product. With our premium BuyNow Button for WooCommerce feature, you will speed up the entire process. Your customers can still add more items if they want to, but will be prompted to instantly buy and pay for the item as default action.

buynow button skip cart page for woocommerce