Sell Membership with Set Role on Purchase for WooCommerce

Turn your website in a membership service, enable our Set Role on Purchase feature for WooCommerce. Whenever a customer buy a specific product, will get assigned a role, you can then allow content access to such specific role.

One of the most wanted (and costly!) functionality, is the possibility to turn your WooCommerce shop into a membership site. By using our Set Role on Purchase feature, you will achieve just the same result. All you need is to create a custom role, and provide him access to your content.

Membership will allow you to get paid for what you would be doing in any case, publish quality content. So, why not get paid for that? Setting up this feature using our Set Role on Purchase is really trivial and will take just a couple of minutes. Once done, create a virtual item in your show, call it something like ‘Membership’ and use this item purchase to assign the relevant role.

set role on purchase membership for woocommerce