Send Email on Cancelled Orders for WooCommerce

There are several reasons why an order can enter cancelled or failed state, and this can be pretty normal. WooCommerce doesn’t however natively send the customer a notification. This may lead to confusion and a bad shopping experience.

Send email on cancelled order is one of the cools included in the Pro version of our plug-in. Simply check the box and every time an order is being either ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Failed’, your customer will receive an email, to confirm just that. Save yourself the need to handle support tickets, and save your customer the frustration derived from poor communication.

When you enable the Send Email on ‘Cancelled’ Order for WooCommerce, the plug-in will email your customer. However, you can, and we advise you to, customize this email template. You can easily do so, opening the Email tab on the settings page of WooCommerce shop.

send email on cancelled orders for woocommerce
send email on cancelled orders for woocommerce