Buy Add Custom Column for WooCommerce

Easily Add Custom Column to your WooCommerce shop, showing a product attribute of your choice. This paid feature will allow you to improve backend readability, by making it superfast to lookup a product attribute without needing to open the product page.

Products often have variations, WooCommerce define them as attributes, from the usual size and color to custom-made ones. Save time with our premium Add Custom Column for product attribute, this feature will add a column to your WooCommerce backend.

By default, WooCommerce show product attribute, inside the product page. This means that you will need to open the product page, only to check the current attribute value for a product. With our Add Custom Column for WooCommerce, you bring this information in the Products list.

add custom column product attribute for woocommerce

The picture below show the practical result, that you can achieve by using our Add Custom Column for WooCommerce. In this case, (see the picture above) we have defined to show the product size attribute in a column. This way, the information is normally accessible only by opening the product page, is brought outside in the backend grid. You can, for example, use this feature, to quickly see what sizes are still available for a specific product, without opening every product in the list. Add a Custom Column and improve the quality of life.

add custom column product attribute for woocommerce