Free Remove Sale Badge for WooCommerce

The default sale badge for WooCommerce is not giving any value to your items. In some WordPress themes this is displayed above product images, that results in hiding the picture. Use this with our Show Discount for WooCommerce for optimal results.

Our Free Remove Sale Badge for WooCommerce is another tool, that let you improve the shopping experience of your customers, whom can focus on more relevant aspects. We highly recommend using the Remove Sale Badge along with our other Free Show Discount for WooCommerce feature to optimize the results. This way, you will remove non-verbose information in favor of valuable detail.

Combining those two features, proved to increase sales in the WooCommerce shops of our customers. We suggest you to give it a try (it is free!) and see how it works for you. We are confident that if you remove the sale badge and show the actual discount, it will improve the sale rate, as this will remove generic information in favor of a more relevant detail (the saving) reducing the shopping friction.

free remove sale badge for woocommerce